Ingrid Vang Nyman



The year was 1945 and Rabén & Sjögren published Pippi Longstocking. That was the beginning of Astrid Lindgrens tremendous success as a writer.


The pictures in the book were drawn by at that time the 29-year-old Danish, Ingrid Vang Nyman. Pippi was not Ingrid’s debut as an illustrator; no she made pictures for a couple of other children books the year before. The successful breakthrough with Pippi did not apply to Ingrid in the same way as it did for Astrid Lindgren. On the contrary is she remarkably unknown to the public. The comparison between later illustrators gain from Astrid books and Ingrid’s is astonishing.


Her talent in drawing was discovered early. By the age of 17 she came to Copenhagen where she attended a preparatory study to the academy of art, by what she got accepted as a student in 1935. She studied there for a couple of years but never liked it there, she left the academy and tried to act as an independent artist. At the academy of art she met Arne Nyman who was a painter, cartoonist, and a lyric. They got married in 1940, the son Peder was born the same year. Their marriage was dissolved after a few years.


The year 1943 she moved with her son to Stockholm and during the end of the '40:th she was very productive as a children book illustrator.


Ingrid Vang Nyman took her illustration assignments very seriously and with a high spirit. She was strong in her belief that also children were to be offered pictures with high artistic quality and substance. She was well aware of her qualities as an artist and uniqueness in that way.

Apparently she several times felt unappreciated and tried in vain to gain acknowledgement through high, and sometimes unrealistic, economical demands.


Her health was fragile though and she spent long times with here relatives in Denmark. Except for the physical bodily illness, psychological complications arose more and more.

Ingrid Vang Nyman died tragically on the 14:th of December in 1959.


Written and translated by Daniel Grahm 12-04-2001

Original text from the Swedish official website about Astrid Lindgren